AAArchitects – Architecture Studio in Cyprus offers a wide range of architectural services:

Paphos Architects Studio in Cyprus.

The company carries out architectural design, construction of country houses, cottages, villas, creating interiors in private houses and apartments, VIP-zones of banks, hotels, in the offices of commercial enterprises and corporations.

The creation of architectural project takes place in the following steps.

At the first stage, the architect together with the customer draws up the technical task for the development of the design project. After measuring the object, the architect creates a sketch of the design project, reflecting planning decisions. The sketch is performed in computer graphics, it visualizes all areas of the object.

After the sketch has been approved by the customer at the second stage, the design project is detailed, including wall scans, floor and ceiling plans, lighting, door design, placement of heating, water supply, sewage, air conditioning and ventilation systems. It also includes the selection of finishing materials, furniture, accessories, fireplaces, curtains, etc. At the third stage, the design project is adjusted and final approved by the customer.

The process of designing a house begins with a study of the source documentation, on the basis of which the preparation of the project proposal takes place. Together with the customer and in accordance with his preferences, the architectural concept of the house is determined, which is developed in the future in the form of planning solutions, facades, sections, floor plans with explication. It appears in the form of demonstration materials (drawings, drawings, computer graphics). This stage takes 20-30 business days. At the second stage, a working draft is developed on the basis of an approved outline design, namely: the general plan of the construction site, drawings of architectural and construction solutions, design of engineering networks, etc. After the approval of the working draft, a local estimate for the construction of the house is developed and preparatory and construction work is carried out under the architectural and technical supervision of architects.

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