For more than 20 years, sustainability has been a central theme of AA Architect’s work. To remain at the forefront of advances in sustainable design, our Research and Development Group includes a multi-disciplinary Sustainability Forum and dedicated Sustainability Coordinators. We consider environmental performance holistically: from the embodied energy of materials to lifetime energy performance. In many of our projects, we have pioneered renewable energy solutions, offering dramatic reductions in pollution and carbon emissions. Working with industry, we have created a new generation of super-efficient wind turbines and new forms of cladding systems that can harvest solar energy.

Architectural sustainability stands far above of the use of environmentally friendly, or energy efficient materials it is entire sustainable strategy that results in better living standards and healthy environment, not only for residents of building projected in harmony of sustainable standards but is beneficial for entire society.

As our architectural experience ranges from interior design to urban masterplans, we follow the lead of sustainability in each and every project, starting from lighting and natural hazard-free materials ending with entire concept of using maximum daylight. While acknowledging that natural resources are limited we bring to live renewable energy standards in every architectural project. This enables to significantly reduce energy and water consumption.

Environmental engineering and environmental architecture is not only contemporary issue it is a vital issue expressing care about future generations. We seek not only to minimize negative impact on the environment, but achieve balance and harmony between project, environment and people who will work or live in the projected building.

All renewable energy tools are available, including: Solar panels, Wind turbines, Solar water heating, Heat pumps and etc.