Villa project in 24 hours

Villa project in 24 hours

With over 20 years experience in architecture and design we have learned not only every tiny aspect of architecture but also everything about the villa projects and construction. We strive to achieve the synthesis of innovative design and local traditions while being the leading Cyprus architect studio. Our experience and technical expertise enables us to:

Crete Full Project of Residential Villa in 24 hours!

Our offer includes:

  • Establishment of a design assignment – in accordance with customer requirements;
  • Setting up project goals with the client;
  • Go through alternatives using sketches and drawings
  • Creating detailed drawings of construction projects;
  • Establishment of technical tasks based on customer wishes and requirements;
  • Agreeing construction budget framework – establishment of cost estimation;
  • Determining the necessary participants in designing works – subcontractors and specialists of narrow fields;
  • View, study, zone and performing other necessary activities at the project site;
  • Finding specific requirements related to construction site (construction zones, historical research, etc.);
  • Create a sketch project and implementation of pre-project surveys;
  • Developing the project concept;
  • Preparation of documents / drawings for obtaining permits from relevant State agencies;
  • Review and specification of city planning, voluminous, functional, technical, ecological and building issues;
  • The sketch of the interior and exterior 3D renders / models will be presented;
  • Preliminary discussion of project agreement issues with Architecture Service;
  • Active involvement in project agreement and approval with the municipal service;
  • Active support / involvement of architectural supervision engineering group in organizing and performing of construction works.

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