Exclusive Hotel Projects

Exclusive Hotel Projects

Creating a hotel project is a complex integrated work that can only be done by a team of specialists with specific skills and extensive architectural experience.

We the Paphos Architects Studio in Cyprus have sufficient experience of creating hotel and resort projects. Hospitality architecture differs from residential and industrial buildings. It has elements of both, but the aim of architect while working on hotel project goes far beyond. The aim is to create an amiable environment for any visitor the way that visitor would enjoy the stay.

While developing a hotel project or carrying out a major overhaul of a hotel, we take into account fire safety standards, the level of the establishment, existing technical and aesthetic requirements. We create conditions for the movement of people with disabilities, and also make sure that the various zones (residential, business, entertainment, etc.) do not intersect with each other. The most difficult thing to realize is when creating mini-hotel projects. But our experts can easily cope with such tasks, creating objects that allow you to organize an effective customer service system.

Creating a hotel project is much more complicated than designing shopping and entertainment centers. This is due to the more complex organizational structure and specificity of the object. The starting points for the design are the estimated number of rooms and the level of service, which determines the number of floor service units, the features of the organization of engineering networks, etc. We can also carry out a hotel project with 20 rooms. Each of our projects is a complex of optimal architectural, constructive and engineering solutions, designed in accordance with the current requirements of the law.

Hotel project covers all major parts of hospitality architecture such as:

  • Outline design hotel;
  • Complete architectural sketch;
  • Interior and exterior projects with 3D visualization;
  • Ergonomy projections for every space, including: kitchen, rooms, restaurant and support facilities;
  • Accomplishing international hotel standards for hospitality and safety;
  • Architectural solutions in hotel design;

We can complete a high-quality project of a modern hotel in a limited time. We focus not only on the general parameters of the design assignment, but also try to delve into the client’s business. This allows you to create the optimal architectural concept and design solutions.